Why should i stage?

Staging is proven. Experts have seen that staged homes consistently sell in less time and for more money than competing homes on the market.

Staging opens buyers' eyes. Staging allows buyers to see a home's potential. Since 90% of buyers cannot imagine changes to a room on their own, staging unlocks the possibilities and awakens the buyer to see themselves enjoying this beautiful home.

Staging is a secret weapon. Staging allows buyers to make an immediate emotional connection. This is a factor that real estate agents see consistently. Because the buyer LOVES the house, they are willing to act fast and pay more in order to secure it.

Staging refocuses attention on the positives. "You never get a second chance to make a first impression." For good or bad, first impressions carry a lot of weight. By allowing homebuyers to move their primary focus to your home's potential, they begin to minimize its negatives.

Staging sells! Today's young homebuyers work long hours and have kids involved in a wide variety of activities. When comparing your staged house with all the rest, they will choose your house over the one with a seemingly endless list of chores-- every time!

What does it mean to stage?

Staging a home to sell means taking the necessary steps to present it in its best possible light. Savvy Staging will identify the problem areas in each room of your house and make suggestions to address the issues, Our recommendations may include repairs, furniture rental, repainting, rearranging, and minimizing personal affects.

How is a stager different than an interior designer?

While many of the skills of an interior designer are the same as a stager, the goals are very different. As stagers, we are concerned with making choices from pallet and style that will appeal to BUYERS. Our focus is to SELL your home.

How much does it cost?

Every house is unique--yet, houses that have had regular maintenance and updating are well on their way. For these houses, a ballpark figure for staging would be 1% of the listing price.

Why does staging make a difference?

  • Todays buyers are impressed by a home with an “HGTV” look. Staging allows buyers to see your property’s potential in ways they can't imagine on their own.

  • A staged home produces an emotional connection. As a result, buyers are more likely to stick to the deal regardless of any delays in the buying process.

What's the first step?

The first step is to give us call. Our Savvy Staging Pro will make suggestions about which services will best serve your current needs. We'll happily discuss your timeframe, the scope of the project and our fees.