Our goals made us friends, our faith made us sisters.

SHERI KLAAS (left) is a people-lover! She and her family have lived in Yorkville for more than 35 years. Her incredible ability to make friends from all walks of life is one of her greatest gifts. Sheri brings to the team a strong sense of organization and an eye for beauty. And she loves coffee!

SUE BRANDAU (center) is a genius multi-tasker. Her talent for decluttering and passion for simple design add depth to our team. Sue always has a gracious word on the tip of her tongue. For Sue, coffee is optional, but chocolate is a must! 

AMI WISE (right) is a local realtor who understands the Fox Valley housing market. Her knowledge of what it takes to sell a home inspired the three of us to start Savvy Staging! Ami’s open smile and genuine friendliness make clients feel immediately at ease. She'd love to get to know you. 

We are three savvy women who have tackled numerous projects together throughout the years. By combining our talents, vision and energy, we have created a company we are proud of!